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Augar"s Higher Education Reform - Sector Response

Government response to the Augar review, Minimum Eligibility Requirements and Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE) The Government has responded to the Augar review / post 18...

The Wohl Foundation's Support of Nightingale Hammerson | Wohl Legacy

It has been almost a year since Nightingale Hammerson, with the help of The Wohl Foundation, created the Hammerson House Wohl Campus. Located in the Hampstead Garden Suburb, this initiative offers residential, nursing, dementia and palliative care for older members of the Jewish community.

Response to Independent Panel Report to the Review of Post-18 Education and Funding

Master of Birkbeck, Professor David Latchman shares his response to the Independent Panel Report to the Review of Post-18 Education and Funding published today.

Professor David Latchman joins Lifelong Learning Commission

The Master of Birkbeck will work alongside other experts in lifelong learning to develop plans for an inclusive adult education system.

Birkbeck calls for the way part-time degrees are funded to change to reduce tuition fees by 50%

Part-time degrees are important drivers of social mobility and will be vital to reskilling the workforce post-Brexit by enabling people to work whilst studying, but the number of part-time undergraduates has more than halved since tuition fees increased dramatically in 2012.

Birkbeck welcomes new CBI/UUK recommendations on part-time study

The CBI/UUK project was set up earlier this year with the aim of addressing the decline in part-time learning and increasing flexible study options for potential students.